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The ACMA Standards Development - Public Review Comment Form is used to obtain feedback and collect information to assist with the proposal or revisions of an ANSI/ACMA Standards and related activities. A protected copy of the specific documents are available within the Form as a link for reference. Instructions on how to submit your feedback/comments are noted below.

ACMA seeks feedback for the following current Standards document(s):
How to Provide Feedback/Comments:
  • Feedback/Comments should be indicated as editorial, general, technical, proposed revision, or indicate no comment.
  • Feedback/Comments should include the specific designation of the Page, Section, Table, Figure and/or Line number.
  • Feedback/ Comments should be specific and include the following:
    • the specific designation associated with each comment;
    • a brief explanation of your comment;
    • and a proposed resolution of each comment.
All input received by the deadline will be considered to ensure appropriate consideration. The Relevant Committee will consider the comments received and provide a written response to commenters from feedback received during the Public Review Period. If you have any questions regarding any specific ACMA standards activities, please email

Please review the ACMA Privacy Policy prior to your submission.

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