Stage Managers for the 2024 Festival of New Works

SPARC's New Voices for the Theater program is seeking four
student Stage Managers (rising 8th to 12th grade) to participate in the 34th annual Festival of New Works.

Stage Managers will be placed on a creative team with a professional Theatre Director and student Playwright. The Stage Management team will be supervised and trained by the Production Manager, Amy Almond.

All rehearsals will meet in-person at SPARC. Rehearsals will run July 22-26 with the Festival of New Works premiering for one-night-only on Saturday, July 27.

Students interested in Stage Managing need not have experience. SPARC will conduct a Stage Manager Orientation and learn the ins and outs of the role together!

The Stage Management schedule is as follows:

Stage Manager Orientation – Thursday, July 18 from 4:30pm-5:30pm (Virtual)

Regular Rehearsals* - July 22 to July 25 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
*Stage Managers should plan to be on site up to a half hour prior to rehearsal and plan to stay after actor dismissal.

Tech - July 26 (Stage Managers will only attend the time frame associated with their assigned play.)
Play 1: 10a-12p
Play 2: 1-3p
Play 3: 3:30-5:30p
Play 4: 6:30 -8:30p

Festival of New Works - July 27 - 2pm and 4pm
Only 2 of the 4 plays will be shown at each show. Stage Managers will required to be at the show time for the play they are assigned to.

Please complete the following application to be considered.
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11.What is the name of your school?
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13.Why are you interested in participating in New Voices/doing Stage Management?(Required.)
14.Do you have experience as a Stage Manager? If yes, please describe.(Required.)
15.Please check all the Stage Manager tasks you have experience with (reminder that you need not have experience to be invited to join the team).(Required.)
16.Tell us about a time you had to take on a leadership role and what you learned from it. If you have never been in a leadership role, put N/A.(Required.)
17.Are you available for Stage Management Orientation on July 18th from 4:30pm-5:30pm?(Required.)
18.Please list any rehearsal conflicts:(Required.)
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20.Please list any performance conflicts:(Required.)