Please complete this form to nominate a Steward for the Pete Pedersen Award which annually recognizes current and past Stewards for their dedicated service and special contributions to the horse racing industry.

Nomination Process:
1. Completion of the nomination form by October 15 of each year
2. At least three letters of reference – one each from track management, racing commission and a ROAP accredited steward. Other letters can come from horsemen, jockeys, racing fans, media, etc.
3. A panel of ROAP Accredited Stewards will also make nominations each year
4. A special selection committee of five members from ROAP Affiliate Organizations will review the nominations from the industry and the Stewards’ Panel.

If necessary, please forward additional information to

* 1. Name of Steward being nominated:

* 2. Resume of the nominee as a steward (resume may be forwarded separately):

* 3. List racing official, racing industry positions and racing occupational licenses held by the nominee:

* 4. List nominee’s participation on horse racing boards, integrity and safety initiatives, rule-making processes, education programs and other special contributions made by nominee.

* 5. My reasons for nominating this Steward for the Pete Pedersen Award are:

* 6. Please complete the following: