1. Demographics/Training Interest

* 1. Please provide the following information

* 2. Are you a full time or part time employee of the Weber-Morgan heath Department?

* 3. Throughout 2008, you have been provided with emergency preparedness information.

  Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful
How helpful has the information and handouts provided been in your personal and family preparedness activities?

* 4. Do you feel that you and your family are prepared to deal with an emergency event such as an earthquake?

* 5. Your WIC administration has discussed with the Emergency Preparedness Program staff how best to help WIC staff feel better prepared and/or respond appropriately in an emergency.

Read the following option and indicate your interest level.

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not at all interested
Between February and November 2009, we are willing to hold 4 1-hour emerency preparedness training sessions modified from information contained within the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. Following completion of the training, you will be asked to participate in a tabletop (TTX) exercise. You may also receive a CERT manual and a backpack containing some emergency supplies. How intersted are you in this training idea for 2009?