Sam Peden Community Park Survey

1.What is your full name?(Required.)
2.How often have you visited the park in the past 12 months?
3.When you visit the park what are the top three (3) activities/amenities you use? i.e. lake, pavilion rentals, tennis courts, trails, etc.
4.What events or programs do you attend at the park?
5.What are the top three improvements you would like to see made in the park?
6.What additional amenities would you like to see added in the park?
7.What prevents you from visiting the park more frequently? (location, conditions, no amenities or programs that interest you, schedule, not interested, etc.)
8.Do you participate in any 4-H programming or events at the 4-H facility within the park? If so, please list any programs or events you attend.
9.Do you walk or bike to the park? What would make you more likely to walk or bike to the park? (if distance from the park is not the limiting factor)