1. Audience Survey

Please answer the following 10 questions to help us provide better festival experience in 2010.

* 1. What year(s) have you attended GWFF (check all that apply)?

* 2. Do you prefer the indoor festival or the festival with outdoor screenings at the ball-field?

* 3. Would you like to us to offer more movies?

* 4. Which would you like to see more of at GWFF (choose all that apply)?

* 5. Would you attend a cocktail reception for an additional cost?

* 6. Would you or have you purchased merchandise?

* 7. What other type of events would you like to see?

* 8. Does having a celebrity guest influence your decision to attend the festival?

* 9. Would you attend a fundraising event in NYC to support GWFF 2010?

* 10. Please share your comments about the GWFF.