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Hi PCC! We are starting a new series in the book of Nehemiah. The theme of the book is about restoring, building, and renewing. We’d love to highlight stories of PCC’ers who are, through their everyday lives, partnering with God to restore, rebuild, and renew what is broken in our world.

Who do you know who is living in such a significant way that they are being renewed - being healed as they participate in the healing of others? Who do you know who is restoring, rebuilding, or renewing our world through their neighborhood, their family, their marriage, or their life in some way? We are looking for stories of all ages. 

Here are some ideas. Who do you know who is:
  • Sponsoring someone or growing personally in healing or sobriety
  • Surviving cancer or encouraging others to do so
  • Affecting change in the environment
  • A student who leads a group on their campus despite difficulty
  • Adopting/fostering children
  • Giving generously to impact the future
  • Sacrificially living below their means
  • A missionary in a challenging culture
  • Volunteering time to help those in need
  • Single parenting in difficult circumstances
  • ​Caring for aging parents​
  • Fighting for their marriage or kids in some way
  • …?
When you submit this story, we will follow up with you!
  • We might like to read your/their story (with permission) in our gatherings.
  • We might like to honor this person(s) publicly and affirm/applaud them, or gift them with a spa day or dinner out.
  • We might like to film them and put their video on our website or in a worship gathering.
Thanks for sharing with us!

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* 2. Share a story of yourself or someone else who has experienced RENEW, REBUILD, RESTORE! Please include names if you have permission to share them.