Integrated assessment modeling of land use policy in West-Africa

In WASCAL, we are dedicated to the integrated assessment of socio-cultural, economic and environmental effects of land use and land use changes under climate change. A main aim of integration in WASCAL is to (a) consult policies for CC adaptation including also a sensitivity analysis of competing environmental and land use policies and (b) to put the knowledge gathered by different disciplines in highly consistent way into action. Therefore, WASCAL seeks to employ integrated assessment modeling (IAM) to link disciplinary research findings with a focus on vulnerability-resilience-climate risk assessment.
Our main aim is to assess the concurrent impacts of different land use and land management practices on major ecosystem services and disservices, such as carbon and nitrogen storage, water quality and availability, soil degradation, biodiversity losses, and greenhouse gas emission. We consider also social aspects such as poverty reduction and food security, and economic benefits such as income generation.
In our research, the integration of knowledge from different sources (expert knowledge: researchers, policy consultants, local stakeholders, research results) will be achieved using a methodology that supports (1) co-production and integration of knowledge at different scales of description, (2), elaboration of an integrated framework (3) consistent data generation, storage and distribution and (4) informing land system development on potential responses to global change.
The Objective of this survey is to define the scope of the study in order to provide a common understanding of the problem to be resolved. Specifically, the objectives are to:

1. identify with the researchers the research questions that will guide the modeling process
2. identify the scales of analysis and the underlying processes
3. identify the main land use sectors and land use functions
4. identify the characteristics of the integrated assessment modeling of land use policy in West-Africa