Ten Questions About Your Board

How is your board performing? Please answer these ten questions, click "Done," and we will send you a Board Performance Report within five business days to the e-mail address you provide. This quiz should take no more than five minutes to complete.
Note: The term, "CEO," is used here in the generic sense to refer to the top operational position. The applicable title in your company or organization could be Executive Director, General Manager, Executive Vice-President, etc.

* Name or Organization:

* Does your board know to whom it is ultimately accountable?

* Does your board seek input from the people to whom it is ultimately accountable?

* Which statement is the most true for your board?

* Direction or instruction to the CEO is primarily provided via:

* Which statement is most true about your board committees?

* When it comes to written board policies, which statement is the most true for your board?

* What do your board policies reflect? (check all that apply)

* Which of the following items requires the most time at your board meetings?

* What is your board's primary method for defining organizational success?

* How does your board know that the organization is achieving relevant results?

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