Thank you for taking 10 minutes to provide valuable feedback on the parks and recreational facilities in the Pagosa Springs community.

* 1. What are your favorite parks and amenities besides forest service areas (e.g. in the town and developed parts of the county)? Select the top three that apply.

* 2. What are your favorite activities to do in these places? (select your top five)

* 3. What new, additional facilities should the community build? (select your top three)

* 4. Where should additional facilities be built (select one)?

* 5. Please rate the following Town-sponsored programs that you or your family participated in within the last two years (select all that apply).

  Disappointing  Needs Improvement Average Good Excellent
KIDS Camp (Kickin' It During Summer)
Free exercise classes at the Ross Aragon Community Center (e.g. yoga, tai chi, Zumba)
Youth sports through the Town of Pagosa Springs Recreation Program (e.g. basketball, soccer, baseball)
Senior Center and Activities for Seniors 

* 6. Providing dedicated parks, trails, open spaces and recreational programs comes with a cost. What is the best avenue to secure funds to provide  these amenities? (Rank the following from one to three with three being your top choice and one being your lowest choice)

* 8. How do you get information about parks and recreation amenities, including trails, park facilities, and recreation programs? (Select the top three that apply):

* 9. Use the space below to provide any additional thoughts about existing parks and recreation amenities in our community as well as those you would like to see in the future.

* 10. Please tell us about you.