* 1. What kind of breakfast do you prefer to receive when staying at a bed and breakfast inn?

* 2. Are you willing to pay more per night if you know that breakfast is a full breakfast versus a continental breakfast?

* 3. What type of breakfast experience do you prefer?

* 4. At an inn where the innkeeper selects the breakfast, how important is it to you to know what the innkeeper will be serving for breakfast in advance?

* 5. How do you prefer to pay for breakfast?

* 6. If there is a restaurant on the property that serves breakfast, but breakfast must be purchased separately from your room, would still consider this a bed and breakfast?

* 7. Within which timeframe do you want to eat breakfast? (Select as many as apply.)

* 8. Where do you prefer to eat breakfast?

* 9. Which foods and beverages do you prefer at breakfast?

* 10. What food/beverage items would you like to receive as part of your stay?

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