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The purpose of this survey is to collect information on the views of immigrants and newcomers to Canada on a variety of issues, generating valuable insights for policymakers, researchers and service providers. We thank you very much for your collaboration and participation.

All of the following questions are of equal importance, and we ask that you kindly complete the entire survey to the best of your ability. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

Your privacy matters to us. This is why your data will never be shared with third parties, and the information you provide will only be used for research and policymaking purposes.

Your responses are completely confidential. 

Find out more about the Metropolis Opinion Panel here or contact Paul Holley, Director of Research at the Metropolis Institute at paul.holley@acs-aec.ca.

The Metropolis Institute is Canada’s premier independent think tank specialized in migration, integration and inclusion.

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* 1. How many years have you been in Canada?

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* 2. What was the admission category for your immigration into Canada?

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* 3. How old are you?

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* 4. What is your gender?

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* 5. What language(s) are you comfortable carrying a conversation in? Select all that apply.