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Welcome to the Sixties Scoop Online Engagement Survey! Thank you so much for participating and sharing your voice.

There are several areas of focus as part of this online engagement where we would like you to contribute thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Survey Topics
  • Section 1: Why you are here
  • Section 2: Share a little about yourself
  • Section 3: What should the Foundation do?
  • Section 4: What values should guide the Foundation?
  • Section 5: What are the most important skills, qualities and experiences a Foundation board member should have?
  • Section 6: How do we make sure the Foundation lasts into the future?
  • Section 7: How should the Foundation’s identity be expressed?
  • Section 8: Additional thoughts
  • Section 9: Thank you & Closing
  • Section 10: Evaluation of this Online Engagement Survey
This Survey will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.

At any time, should you feel triggered or require emotional support, you can connect to the Hope for Wellness Help Line, which provides culturally-competent counselling services for Indigenous people across Canada, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call the toll-free Help Line at 1-855-242-3310 or connect to the online chat at hopeforwellness.ca
3% of survey complete.