Looney Labs publishes card games & board games. Our biggest hit is Fluxx, which is why we have made so many versions. But we publish lots of other card games too, all designed by Andrew Looney, the guy who came up with Fluxx, and we just re-launched our pyramid game system with a new headliner product called IceDice. Andy's games are fast, unpredictable, and fun, with a certain mix of luck and strategy that gives all players a chance of winning right up until the moment when someone actually wins... and we have a lot of new products in the works...

But we are curious: What do YOU think we should focus on next?

* Which type of our games would you most like to see more of?

  (Most) 5 4 3 2 (Least) 1
Fluxx ( Zombie, Pirate, Star, Monty, Martian, Family, Eco, Oz, Cthulhu, etc. )
Fluxx Accessories ( Blanks, Promo Cards, Castle Exp, etc. )
Looney Pyramids Games ( IceDice, Treehouse, Pink Hijinks, etc. )
Pyramid Accessories ( Martian Coasters, WW5, Rulebooks, etc. )
Time Travel Games ( Back to the Future, Chrononauts, etc. )
Party Games ( Are You The Traitor?, Are You a Werewolf?, etc. )
Other Card Games ( Aquarius, Seven Dragons, Just Desserts, etc. )
Other Accessories ( T-Shirts, Patches, Gamebags, etc. )

* What do you most want to see in any given category?

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* Any other thoughts?