* 1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME and Email address? About how many PIAPTK titles do you own? 

* 2. Are the majority of your PIAPTK releases from specific artists or their related projects? If so, which ones?

* 3. What type of releases do you usually purchase?

* 4. With the understanding that lathe cuts, by their handmade nature are lower fidelity, and that we have made great strides in fidelity from our earliest lathe cuts, how do you feel about our lathe cut releases and their format/packaging?

* 5. When you think of PIAPTK or describe us to people, what words come to mind?

* 6. What do you LIKE about PIAPTK?

* 7. What do you NOT LIKE about PIAPTK?

* 8. Knowing the type of bands we work with, what bands (that would potentially talk to us) should we check out/try to work with?

* 9. What are your favorite PIAPTK releases/bands?

* 10. In this horrible music-buying economy, what could we do to entice you to buy more records/check out new releases? HOW CAN WE IMPROVE???

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