NERAASA Inventory for Area Assemblies

Inventory on the purpose of NERAASA

"The purpose of the Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (NERAASA) is for GSRs, DCMs, Area Committee Members and Intergroup and Central Office Representatives of the Northeast Region to discuss General Service Conference related issues and concerns affecting AA as a whole, as well as pertinent aspects of recovery, unity and service common to the Areas of the Northeast Region." 

Based on the above Statement of Purpose, please help us improve the Northeast Regional A.A. Service Assembly by answering the following questions. Thank you.
1.Have you ever attended a NERAASA?
2.If you have NOT attended a NERAASA, why haven't you attended? (Choose one)
3.What Area are you from?_____
4.For those who have attended at least one NERAASA, answer the following by selecting 1-5, with 1 as Agree and 5 as Disagree:

Overall, NERAASA lives up to the purpose stated above.
5.NERAASA does a good job of presenting General Service Conference related issues.
6.NERAASA is relevant to my personal program of service and recovery.
7.The stated purpose of NERAASA is outdated.
8.NERAASA does a good job of presenting concerns affecting A.A. as a whole.
9.NERAASA does a good job of presenting aspects of recovery, unity and service pertaining to the Northeast Region.
10.If you had a magic wand, how would you improve NERAASA?
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