Scholarship Opportunities

A variety of scholarship opportunities are available for volunteers willing to participate in the 2017 HIV Outreach & HEI Case Management Conference August 13-16, 2017. Applicants may choose among a variety of opportunities. These include:

Roundtable Leader: We will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions at the conference again this year. This year we are also encouraging roundtable discussions for various regions in Texas and other participating areas. At this forum, participants will engage in peer-to-peer dialogue, share information and best practices, and explore a variety of strategies targeting different populations. They will also discuss local challenges and solutions related to outreach and case management. You are encouraged to volunteer and apply for a scholarship to lead a roundtable discussion about a topic of your choosing and/or lead a roundtable for your region.

Workshop Monitor: The staff of the Texas HIV Connection needs assistance with duties such as monitoring workshop sessions and overseeing the continuing education process. Workshop monitors may also be asked to assist with events such as the evening party or the hospitality suite.

Awards for scholarships CAN include waived registration, hotel room fees, and transportation depending on the types and amount of participation in conference volunteer work.

The deadline for this application is Friday, July 7, 2017.

* 1. Contact information

* 2. My agency currently receives funding from Texas Health and Human Services.

* 3. I am currently employed as a Street Outreach worker or HEI Case Manager primarily engaged in providing direct outreach in a non-clinical setting, or in the field of HIV/AIDS or Chemical Dependency Counseling.

* 4. Please check all the expenses for which you are requesting financial assistance (Note: Compensation for volunteers will be gauged according to volunteer opportunities chosen by an individual.)

* 5. Volunteer areas in which I wish to serve (check all that apply):

* 6. How would attending this conference benefit your professional growth? (Max: 200 words)

* 7. Roundtable Leader Essay question (Please answer only if applying for this volunteer scholarship) Please describe the topic you would like to discuss with your fellow outreach workers or case managers as a roundtable leader and/or describe why you would like to lead a regional roundtable to discuss challenges and solutions related to case management or outreach in your area. Briefly outline the experience and/or education you have received that motivate you to lead a discussion on this topic. (Max 250 words)

* 8. Workshop Monitor Essay question (Please answer only if applying for this volunteer scholarship) Describe the qualities you have that would an effective workshop monitor. Please provide examples of how you demonstrate these qualities in your personal or professional life. (Max 250 words)

* 9. I certify that if selected to receive any of the above scholarships, I will be available to serve at the HIV Outreach & HEI Case Management Conference August 14-16, 2017 in Austin, TX at the discretion of the Texas HIV Connection, a professional service of Workers Assistance Program, Inc.