Welcome to the CSWI for the Wraparound Initiative of the XYZ Initiative for children and youth.

The Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory(CSWI) is a research and quality improvement tool developed and administered by the National Wraparound Initiative. The CSWI assesses the extent to which a local community or system has developed the capacity to support high quality wraparound.

You are being asked to complete the CSWI because our System of Care is implementing Wraparound to better meet the mental health needs of children and youth. Your input is key to helping us understand the strengths and weaknesses in our community for effective Wraparound implementation. In this survey, we will refer to your System of Care collaborative as the XYZ Initiative.

Findings from the CSWI survey will be discussed with the System of Care stakeholders group and used to help identify quality improvement goals for the XYZ Initiative. This will help us assure the most effective use of resources and the best outcomes for families.

The CSWI typically takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

CSWI responses are confidential. No one involved with the XYZ Initiative will know how you answered the questions.

Thank you for agreeing to complete the CSWI.