Welcome to the SCC Online Curriculum Dialogue

The following survey instrument serves as the launch of the SCC Online Curriculum Dialogue.  While not comprehensive, it is intended to help us perform some important foundational work by documenting the pre-existing views of Dialogue members regarding the purpose and content of sustainability curricula delivered at the university level.  By responding to these questions, you will help us to understand the range of views held, and identify any areas of concurrence as well as highlight issues for further exploration by the group.  This understanding, in turn, will help us to structure interactions and working sessions of the dialog in an effective and efficient way. 

As in all other SCC activities, by convening this dialogue, we seek answers to the following two basic questions:

What are the biggest challenges faced by college and university faculty teaching sustainability?

What are the greatest needs of college and university faculty teaching sustainability?

All respondents to this pre-survey are invited to join the SCC Online Curriculum Dialogue on Collaborase.  To opt in and receive an invitation from Collaborase, please ensure that we have your contact information by answering Question 6.

Please provide your response prior to close of the pre-survey, or Friday, 20 April.

We will look forward to receiving your input.  Thank you for participating.  

Ira Feldman
Founder and Managing Director
Sustainability Curriculum Consortium