A little bit about us

This year, we at the Maine Humanities Council are thinking deeply about Afrofuturism. Even if you haven't read an Afrofuturist text this season we still think now is a great time to be imagining new futures!

With so many strange and horrifying things happening in the world, what if we could turn to Afrofuturist and Africanfuturist literature to show us a way forward? 

Narratives of imaginary times and places, of things that exist far, far away and in times long ago or still to come can be a powerful avenue for contemplation and creative engagement with the problems and possibilities of living.  

Black folks and other oppressed people in America and the world have been imagining creative futures that can help us ask and answer questions like:

What if we all were free? 
What if we all could create just for the sake of creating? 
What if nobody ever went hungry? 
What if Black people were given their 40 acres and a mule? 
What if the oceans rose 10 feet in one year? 
What if we could travel through space? 
What if we could live forever? 
What if plants could talk? 
What if now’s a great time for imagining?  

Question Title

* 1. What creative future are you imagining? Fill in the blank: What if.....?