The purpose of this community survey is to talk about long-term health conditions.

These are also sometimes called chronic illness or chronic disease.

Examples of long-term conditions include:
·       type 2 diabetes
·       heart disease
·       respiratory disease
·       kidney disease
·       lung cancer.

Gippsland PHN and Latrobe Health Innovation Zone are interested in what we can do to prevent some of these long-term health conditions in our communities.

Be part of the solution and help keep our community healthy. We would like to ask you some questions, including:
  • What does prevention mean to you?
  • What do you know about long-term health conditions?
  • What do you know about risk factors for long-term health conditions?
  • How you can avoid long-term health conditions and is this important to you?
Health information is often hard to understand and stay on top of as it is forever changing. We would like your help to inform future projects including the development of an awareness raising campaign for the community about achieving better health.

Please spare a few minutes to share your experience and advice to help us improve the health of the Latrobe Valley.

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