This is an anonymous survey for anyone who has been pregnant as a teenager. The findings will be fed back to the Government's Unwanted Pregnancy Inquiry. It is important that the voices of those who have experienced a teenage pregnancy are heard so that assumptions are not made about why teenagers become pregnant, and what can be done to support young people. Thank you for your time!

* 3. Why did you become pregnant as a teenager? 

* 4. If you decided to continue the pregnancy what were your reasons?

* 5. What do you think about homeless young parents being high priority on housing waiting lists?

* 6. What do you think about the idea of young parents being housed in “boarding houses” to act as a disincentive to getting pregnant?

* 7. Do you think that the current benefits/housing system glamorises/incentivises becoming a young parent?

* 8. Do you think those having sex with someone under 16 should be prosecuted?

* 9. England has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe. Why do you think this might be?

* 10. What would you suggest should be done to reduce the rates of unplanned teenage conceptions?