* 1. Should the Kansas Legislature adopt a constitutional amendment to limit the Supreme Court’s power to require more funding for K-12 public education?

* 2. Should teacher due-process be placed back into state law as it existed before 2014 when it was removed?

* 3. Should redistricting of House and Senate districts in 2020 be done by a non-partisan commission?

* 4. Should Kansas lottery tickets be sold in vending machines?

* 5. Should state-wide elected officials (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner, and Treasurer) be prohibited from working for another entity while in office?

* 6. Should industrial hemp be legalized for agricultural production?

* 7. Should Marijuana be legalized for medical uses?

* 8. Should Marijuana be legalized for recreational purposes?

* 9. Should the Kansas Legislature vote to approve a Convention of States to make changes to the United States Constitution?