This survey has been designed to supplement a manuscript I am completing called Sentient Parenting. Please be assured that your answers are completely anonymous.

Thank you for taking the time...

* 1. Write 4 words that come to mind when asked to describe your childhood.

* 2. What 2 things do you most regret about the way you were raised?

* 3. Please write down 3 things you were most grateful for during your childhood.

* 4. What inexpensive/fun activities did you most enjoy as a child?

* 5. Do you recall being told often as a child that you were loved? Do you think that it has affected the way that you think about yourself?

* 6. What was the first responsibility you recall being given as a child, and how old were you at the time?

* 7. List 5 happy things that you recall made you very happy as a child.

* 8. How were you punished and rewarded as a child?

* 9. Do you recall being proud of your family as a child, or do you recall being envious of another family you knew? Please explain your answer.

* 10. Do you think that the way you were raised directly impacts on the way you raise your child? Please explain.