Farm Survey

The District needs your help! As a conservation district it is our job to act as the voice of locally led conservation, representing farmers and others in advising our partners at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service on program and spending priorities. To better represent the needs of the producers in Rockingham County it is essential we understand who the producers are, what kinds of crops are being grown, and what kinds of agricultural practices are dominating the landscape. Farms today face a variety of pressures from development, demand for increased productions, and climate change. This survey will provide RCCD with information to better advise farmers about assistance available from a wide variety of conservation programs to improve soil health, water quality and agricultural resiliency. 

* 1. Are you the farm operator? If no, please forward this survey to the farm operator to complete.

* 2. Other than forest production, does your farm produce $1,000 a year of food, fiber or animal feed (sold or consumed on-farm)?

* 3. Please provide the approximate number of acres for all that apply.

* 4. Please provide the approximate number of animals on the farm.

* 5. Are there any details you would like to add about your agricultural practices? 

* 6. Please provide your contact information. (Note this information is private and will only be used by RCCD and affiliates to better serve members of the agricultural community).

* 7. Are you interested in receiving information about  practices and assistance related to your farming operation?