Utility Box Designs 2022

Iron County’s Public Art Commission is seeking design proposals from artists for vinyl graphic wraps on utility control boxes . Designs should relate to the culture, history, important people, and/or landscape of Southern Utah. For locations near or on the campus of Southern Utah University, it is required to make a design relating to the campus by using this style guide for inspiration. This project is intended to transform dull utility cabinets into visually appealing, enjoyable additions to the public right of way. The utility box design project is funded by Iron County, Southern Utah University, and AARP for creative placemaking. Accepted proposals will receive an honorarium of $650 with opportunities to win the “People’s Choice Award” and other prizes. Please note that the Public Art Commission is still awaiting final approval from utility companies for the potential locations.

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This Request for Proposals (RFP) is open to experienced artists who live in the region or have strong ties to Southern Utah, including the Indigenous people of the region. Previous experience working on public art is not necessary but applicants will be required to submit images of their past artwork. An applicant can only be selected once for a design submission unless the Commission decides otherwise.

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* 4. Please describe your connection to the region.

Although not a requirement for submission, please indicate if there is a specific location you are most interested in for your design. You may select more than one. Please note: there is no guarantee that the Commission can guarantee your selected location.

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* 5. Locations

Please review the following guidelines and acceptable file formats for printing/production.
-Designs must be original work from the artist but is not required to be brand new and can be an earlier work from the applicant.
-Please do not submit a design displaying entirely dark colors or it could cause issues of extreme heat during summer.
-Designs must appeal to a broad constituency.
-No design can have a traffic sign or other traffic signal as a focal point as it could be misleading to pedestrians and drivers.
-Keep in mind that designs may be in place for several years so artists should intend on creating something that will be tasteful in the present and future.
-Designs to the top of boxes will only be implemented if it will be visible to the public.

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* 6. Do you understand and agree to those guidelines?

After completing this form, please remember to send the following for full consideration:

Portfolio: Three to five relevant examples of the artist’s previous work. (JPEG format and 5 MB maximum please). The examples can be in any medium but it is recommended to include at least one 2D example.

Design for utility control box (JPEG format or Full-page PDF): Please provide a detailed description and explanation for each design describing: themes, significance, inspirations, symbols, etc. If any design is for a certain location, please specify which location it is for. Each artist or team is allowed to submit two (2) designs. Attachment file should be named using this format: “Smith, John Utility Box Design1”

OPTIONAL: Artist biography that offers background information on the artist’s life, their inspirations, styles, etc. This information will help the commission with the jury process.

Jessica Kinsey
Southern Utah Museum of Art
351 W. University Blvd.
Cedar City, UT 84720

If you opt to send a physical proposal in the mail, please ensure it is postmarked by September 30. Any late submissions will not be accepted.