This survey lists a number of potential topics for upcoming in-person and online Instructional Design COP sessions. Our intent is to ensure as much as possible that sessions are relevant and helpful to our community. Your feedback is an important step in this process. We appreciate your time and participation.

The ID COP Team

Question Title

* 1. Please rank the topics below based on what you are most interested in learning about through the Instructional Design Community of Practice.

1 = most interesting; 12 = least interesting

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
508 Compliance
User design
Infographics / data visualization
Designing activities
ISD and working with SMEs
ISD and Ethics
Designing performance support tools/job aids
Learning Spaces (3rd space)
Designing and implementing onboarding programs
Challenge Session: Test your training activity
Other (please specify below)