Anne E. Mayer Distinguished Service Award

OPRN is pleased to present the OPRN Anne E. Mayer Distinguished Service Award annually at our Spring Conference. This award acknowledges the work of those individuals who have provided exemplary service to the chapter and/or the field of prospect research.

In 2007, the award was named after OPRN co-founder and long-time board member Anne Mayer.

Eligibility Criteria:
• Nominees must be members of OPRN, APRA, or have at least 3 years in the field of prospect research
• Nominees must not currently be a member of the OPRN board
• Nominees must not have previously been awarded The OPRN Distinguished Service Award
• Nominees must demonstrate a commitment and passion for the field of prospect research
• Nominees may be past members who have served OPRN or the field of research.

Nominations may come from outside OPRN, board members, and any chapter member. Nominations are collected by the Scholarship/Awards Chair and voted on by the board of OPRN. Winner will be notified prior to the annual statewide OPRN conference, and presented with the award at the conference.

Nominations must be submitted by Monday, April 1st.

* 1. Nominee Information:

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* 4. Please describe the Nominee’s current or past position:

* 5. Please describe the Nominee’s contribution to OPRN or the field of prospect research:

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