Welcome and a few lines before we begin...

This survey aims to establish user requirements on positioning systems for audio applications and locative applications with audio. It is presumed that these applications use audio processing in one way or other and that the location information is in a digital format.

It is aimed at developers and early adapters of locative technology for audio content as well as spatial composers and musicians with an interest in spatial interactivity.

If you don't fit into any of the mentioned categories but you are a generalist or a media researcher or student or somebody with an interest in locative audio applications we haven't yet thought of, you are more than welcome to participate too!

It is conducted as part of Dom Schliengers MSc thesis at the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol researching the suitability of positioning systems for audio applications. The survey is conducted in partnership with Pervasive Media Studio Bristol who will share access to the results of the findings with Dom Schlienger.

The survey has 10 questions divided into 3 sections. the first one asks you about yourself, the second about what your (potential or existing) audio application with locative content is or could be and the third about your stance on privacy issues which arise with some positioning systems.

Multiple answers are possible, as is leaving answers out and you can move back to previous questions at any time before submitting.

The survey doesn't ask for sensitive data from you and the results are for scholarly purposes only. Unless you explicitly wish to be contacted about the results by emailing us on info@creativemusictechnology.org we will not keep a record of your details other than what you have disclosed in the survey.

Completing the survey should take between 10 - 20 minutes, depending on how long you wish to ponder over individual questions.