* 1. Welcome to the Bozeman Climate Alliance Action Survey!

You have joined a group of passionate, knowledgeable people committed to climate action! Together we have brainstormed many ideas for projects, actions, approaches, and collaborations. In order to focus our efforts, we are encouraging everyone to fill out this survey to gauge enthusiasm and availability for possible action groups. We will use this information to invite people to form action groups along interests/project lines within the next several weeks. If there is not enough commitment to an action group listed, one person could become a liaison to that group or issue. All new members will receive a similar survey, but with action groups already formed!

Of immediate importance is the Organizational Action Group (Question #2) which will start meeting 5/30/12 week. If you are interested in this group, please return your survey by Tuesday 5/29/12 5pm or contact Kristen Walser at 551-0388.

Rate your availability realistically. In the comment boxes, please mention if this is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc choice

Names are required so we can start getting people together:

* 2. Organizational Action Group

Timeline: Start next Wednesday 5/30 at 6:30 with weekly commitment/email until a proposed structure/s is sent out to membership by June 23, 2012. (Meeting place and continued times to be determined by schedules of interested people.)

Resources: Bring ideas, examples for efficient and inclusive organizations.

Objectives: Develop proposal/s for the following areas:

Decision making and Communication structure: Mechanisms for membership eligibility, input and meeting structure (e.g., voting, consensus, agenda), mechanisms for vision, day-to-day decision making, public representation; how many on this committee and how determined; action group/project structure; watchdog role, avenues for feedback/dissent

Financial structure: sponsored 501c3 status or separate 501c3 as a goal (which requires EIN, bank account, banks often require Articles of Incorporation and bylaws; membership dues?; fundraising as an action group?, mechanism for financial oversight

Interested in attending?

* 3. Dirty Fuels Action Group:

Timeline: First meeting within next two weeks depending on schedules) August 10 sit in in Helena

Possible Objectives:

Coal Export Action: Learn about campaign and pass information to BCA membership, organize locally

Fuel Subsidy Petition

Tar Sands/Keystone XL

Fracking: Oppose gas drilling

Carbon tax

* 4. Communication/Education Action Group:

Timeline: ongoing.

Possible objectives:

Develop Speakers’ Bureau (Identify people who are already acting as speaker; identify topics (our group, aspects of climate change, solutions, by action group?; identify audiences (youth, business, university, agriculture, civic group, church), develop presentation, train members in presenting

Develop traveling displays for indoor or outdoor events

Interact with conventional media (develop radio spots?, Letters to the Editor)

Interact with social media (moderate our facebook page, etc)

* 5. Collaboration Action Group:Act as liaison to other groups

Timeline: ongoing, depends on group.

Possible Objectives:

Go to meetings or follow online/media group (preferably groups you are already involved with)

Possible groups include: Bozeman Climate Partners work groups (outreach, transportation/anti-idling, commercial/benchmarking, Residential/Neighborhood Conservation Clubs), BHS sustainability Club, City Commission (weekly), MEIC, MCV, MSU Sustainability Committee, NECO, Bozeman Public Schools Administration and/or BPS Teachers, Sierra Club, etc

Online groups report on their actions to the facebook page/ link, 350.org, CREDO action, Tars Sands Montana group- NRDC, Earthjustice

* 6. Events Action Group

Timeline: Generally 6 weeks to 4 month commitment, depending on event

Possible Objectives:

Plan a Festival for the beginning of the school year (coincide with launch of Bzn Climate Partners website) launch NECO/BHS sustainability club membership, Plan a concert, dance, speakers, rent the pool, art, kids area, giant yard sale, displays, tours, contests. Making it a fun event with tons of information about climate change in festival atmosphere. Beat the Heat? Invite outside speakers, groups

Invite outside speaker/s, movies, tours

* 7. Art Action Group: Encourage expressions of knowledge, coping, fear, action, and hope in any media (film, youtube, music, painting, writing, dance), 350.org’s EARTH program

Timeline: depends on project
Possible Objectives:

Create together

Contests, events

Support Bozeman Atmospheric Trust filmmakers and plaintiffs in a lawsuit to expand the public trust of waterways, land areas to include the atmosphere. Large implications for national policy, possibly leading cap and trade requirements

* 8. Transportation Action Group

Timeline: ongoing

Possible Objectives:

Coordinate with Bozeman Climate Action Plan committee

Facilitate and promote hybrid cars, zipcar, assisted bikes, airplane fuel/design improvements, train access

* 9. Commercial/ Business Green Practice/Efficiency Action Group

Timeline: Ongoing, project oriented

Possible Objectives:

‘Carrot mob’, encourage energy audits/efficiency

Encourage training and funding for ‘green jobs’

Presentations on effects of climate change

Coordinate with Bozeman Climate Action Plan committee, other business groups

* 10. Residential Efficiency/Renewable Energy Action Group

Timeline: Ongoing, project oriented

Possible Objectives:

Bozeman Climate Partners 10% reduction challenge

Encourage energy audits, Petition to NWE, use to tax credits for renewable energy installations

Work with Neighborhood Conservation Clubs to get group discounts on insulation, etc.

Educate and encourage homeowners to install reflective roofing and receive tax credits