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4th of July mini-Puzzle Hunt presented by Reality Break Escapes

Find the American Flags in each location the riddle indicates, and you can COUNT on winning this Puzzle/Scavenger Hunt.
Take a selfie of your group at each location and when you arrive at your final location you can obtain the treasure box you will open for your reward when you post and tag @RealityBreakEscapes on either FB or IG.

Question Title

* 1. First Name & Last Initial

Question Title

* 2. Stop #1
The lights stand guard around the water,
The flags adorn each protector
5 steps up to reach the fountain
Although not as tall as the our great mountain.

After you answer walk north on either side of Bellevue Way stopping at 6th St.

Question Title

* 3. Stop #2

People coming and people going
Old glory waves above it all
Where Art & Shopping meet
In sun and rain and sleet.

After you answer follow 6th east until you cross 106th St

Question Title

* 4. Stop #3
They cannot wave while hanging down
The red the white and the blue
They try with all their might
Are pretty although their size is slight

After you answer walk South on 106th Street crossing 4th & then south a bit more and look for Reality Break Escapes

Question Title

* 5. Final Stop
This sparkly one stands with its little friends
Each adding to the end
Through the keyhole and down the stairs
Will bring you to your rewards

After you answer proceed inside , use your answer to claim your riches.

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