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The following questionnaire will assess possible psychosocial effects that may arise in individuals with neurofibromatosis (NF).  The questionnaire also assesses individual’s self-esteem and the effects of social media and support groups on feelings of isolation and self-esteem. The questionnaire will also assess the feelings that individuals in the NF community have towards the representation of the NF in social media.

The following questionnaire is anonymous and will ask no specific identifying information. The questionnaire is composed of approximately 45 questions and will take about 30 minutes to complete. The questionnaire should be completed in one sitting.

 If there are any specific questions that you feel uncomfortable answering, you may skip these questions and continue on to other questions. Please remember that at any time you can stop answering the questions, should you change your mind about participating in the study.  In order to complete the questionnaire, you must electronically sign the consent form on the following page.  If, after reading this and the following consent form, you do not wish to participate, you may decline consent.  

NF support groups are available online (such as Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation), if you have any concerns that you would like to discuss within the NF community. The phone number and e-mail address of the principal investigator for this project can be found below.

 Contact numbers and websites:

Rivka Glaser, Ph.D.
Stevenson University
Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation
3030 Olive Street Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75219
Office: 972-868-7943
Fax: 972-830-2619

Thank you for your cooperation and participation in this study.