Secure Messaging Survey

Pediatric Clinic LLC & Klara

Pediatric Clinic is considering a new messaging technology for patient interactions.
Klara is a secure and HIPAA compliant messaging platform that uses a web based interface that allows patients to communicate directly with their healthcare provider's office.
There are two main ways patients and provider's office can access the system.
- The office can send a generic text notification to a cell phone that directs the patient to a web based link.
(For example - "Reminder of your appointment at 2:00 pm on Friday June 1, 2023 - Please click here to confirm, cancel or reschedule." or "Your child is due for their annual physical - Please contact our office to schedule")
- The patient may initiate contact via a web based link - accessible from our website at & Patients may opt in or out at any time.
1.Would you like the option to use a Secure Messaging System for a call back in addition to calling our office directly?
2.If Pediatric Clinic started sending APPOINTMENT or FOLLOW UP CARE reminders by secure messaging, how would you prefer them?

Check all that apply