Pheasant Hunting Recruitment & Reactivation Survey 

Please complete this survey ONLY if you have hunted pheasants on a site where pheasants have been released by FWP for the 2023 pheasant hunting season. 

Sites where pheasants have been released include the following: 
  • Region 1 - North Shore WMA; Foys Bend Fisheries Conservation Area 
  • Region 3 - Canyon Ferry WMA; Lake Helena WMA 
  • Region 4 - Freezout Lake WMA; Arod Lakes DNRC; Bullhead Ranch DNRC 
  • Region 5 – Grant Marsh WMA; Yellowstone WMA; Clark’s Fork of Yellowstone FAS; Selkirk FAS 
  • Region 6 – Lost River WMA; Vandalia WMA; Cree Crossing WMA; Sleeping Buffalo WMA; Fresno Reservoir WMA; Rookery WMA; Dodson Dam WMA; Hinsdale WMA 
  • Region 7 - Isaac Homestead WMA; Amelia Island WMA

Question Title

* Did you or your child hunt during the 2023 Youth Pheasant & Waterfowl Weekend (Sept. 23-24)?

Question Title

* At which site(s) did you hunt pheasants? Choose all that apply. 

Question Title

* Where did you learn about the FWP pheasant release sites? Choose all that apply.