Thank you for your assistance!

In the process of seeking a new pastor, we desire the input of everyone who is currently active in and considers this to be their church home. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. Please, only one response per person.

* 1. Please indicate your age category

* 2. Please respond accordingly:

* 3. What do you value the most about OroNaz?

* 4. What do you consider to be OroNaz's most effective ministries at this time?

* 5. Are there any current issues/relationships in the church that are having a negative effect on the church?

* 6. Which professional skills do you believe are most important in a Senior/Lead Pastor?
On a scale of 1-5: (ratings of 1 are lesser needed skills; ratings of 5 are highest needed skills)

  1 2 3 4 5
Preaching & Teaching
(congregational and small group settings)
Leadership ability
(communicating mission, clarifying vision)
Pastoral Care
(personable, outgoing, approachable)
(personal example, motivator)
Handling difficult issues
(problem solving, restoring relationships)
Organizational ability
(administration, effective structure)
Managing finances
(budgeting, cost effectiveness)
Developing stewardship
(equipping, motivating)

* 7. What is your level of commitment to this church body at this time?

* 8. In what ways would you like to see this church impact this community in the future?