Help Us Make Our Contra Dances Better!

As a community, we are always looking for ways to make our dances better.  One very critical element of building a strong community involves consistent attendance by the community's members.  We would very much like to see our community grow and become stronger, with more dancers attending on a regular basis, and new dancers returning to become regular dancers.  We would love to hear from you about what you think we could be doing to help our community become stronger and better for all!  Please complete this short online survey, and share any additional thoughts you might have in the space provided.  Together we can create a vibrant contra dance community in San Luis Obispo!

* 1. What influences your decision to, or not to, attend the monthly contra dance?  Please select all that apply.

* 2. Do you feel the monthly contra dances in SLO are a good value for the price of admission?

* 3. Would you say that the monthly contra dances in SLO provide a welcoming, friendly, and safe environment?

* 4. How would you rate the conditions in the hall (i.e. temperature, cleanliness, sound levels, condition of floor)?

* 5. We are always looking for good ways to encourage more young people (i.e. ages 20-40) to attend our dances.  What ideas and suggestions can you share with us?

* 6. Do you have any ideas or suggestions to share on how to make our monthly contra dances in SLO even better?