HigherPurpose.com content survey

Greetings, the purpose of this survey is to gather information about what people would like to see on this website.

We are developing an outline for content and have ideas for what it will look like, but want to hear from people who would frequent the site. We hope to launch the site in the early part of 2012.

The questions are for us to understand what you might expect to find on a site devoted to one's "HigherPurpose" in, for, and around their lives. What would you like to find on this kind of a site?

If you are so inclined, you may tell us what your HigherPurpose is and we will post it for others to see once the site goes live. It will also be a place to see what others have for their HigherPurpose in life.

By giving us your email, we will keep you posted on changes and new developments on the site. We will not spam you or send frequent emails; we all know what that is like and that is not what we are about.

Our main purpose in this site is to help others find the things that will enhance the quality of their lives.

Your help is appreciated.

Additionally, telling others about our site and this survey will help us gather information and interest.

We thank you for your time,

* 1. What would you EXPECT to see on HigherPurpose.com?

* 2. What would you LIKE to see on HigherPurpose.com?

* 3. Which option best describes your preference for HigherPurpose.com?

* 4. Please rate which of the following are important to you.

  Not important Not as important Somewhat important Very important

* 5. Optional: What is your HigherPurpose?

This will be posted later along with others as part of our effort to inspire others. Put as much or as little as you like, but please enter your first name or nickname.

A blog section will be added later for the same purpose and these will be added there when it is installed.

* 6. Requested: We would like your help by asking that you leave some basic personal demographic information. This will help us know where and who our responses are comming from.

Name, company, and email if you would, but please tell us where you are from.

All responses will be held with confidentiality and are appreciated. Information collected is for our informational purposes only and will help us to understand our audience.