CME Evaluation

As the producers of ED Leadership Monthly, we're interested in receiving your input regarding various aspects of the program. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief online survey. Your participation will help to ensure that ED Leadership Monthly will meet your informational needs.

Educational Objectives: Upon completion of issues of ED Leadership Monthly, participants will be able to 1) discuss ED leadership issues and implement new strategies for operational improvement, 2) identify new strategies for improving patient satisfaction and incorporate them into practice, and 3) implement new technological solutions to improve efficiency and patient safety.

* 1. ED Leadership Monthly fulfills its educational objectives (listed above).

* 2. The content of monthly issues of ED Leadership is appropriate for the target audience.

* 3. The written summary is an asset to this educational experience.

* 4. The content is free of commercial bias.

* 5. The format (audio CDs or online) is an appropriate educational method.

* 6. I learned something new that will increase knowledge, competence or performance.

* 7. I plan to implement suggested patient satisfaction tips into my practice.

* 8. I plan to make suggested changes that will improve patient safety and patient care.

* 9. I plan to implement suggested operational innovations and/or technological solutions into my practice.

* 10. What is your overall evaluation of this CME activity?

* 11. Would you recommend this program to a colleague?

* 12. Any suggestions or comments regarding the overall program?