This assessment was designed to gain valuable insight into your exposure to Social Media Marketing and serve as a starting point for future planning.

* What is your primary business mission or objective? (Use this as a working example: Our company includes a line of all natural, non-toxic, enviro-friendly household cleaning supplies. Our mission is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the current household cleaners on the market and in turn direct people to a safer, healthier alternative.) What is your company and what is the purpose of the products/services you have?

* Rank your level of Social Media Engagement

* Who is your target audience?

* Describe the products or services you would like to promote online.

* What is your purpose or motivation for using Social Media in your business?

* Select the following Social Media Channels you are currently using in your business.

* Describe the progress of your current Social Marketing activities. What is going well? What is not working?

* How are you measuring success for your current Social Media activities?

* Describe the needs and interests of your target audience. (Where do they hang-out online?)

* Do you know of any specific competitors who are currently involved in Social Media? (Competitive Analysis may be required)

* What specific results are you hoping your Social Media Marketing efforts will have for your company?

* What specific results or impact should your Social Media efforts have on your target audience?

* What role or level of involvement are you looking for a Social Marketing Specialist (like myself) to play?

* Do you have a monthly budget in mind for your Social Marketing Activities?

* Please provide your contact information

* Please provide your various profile names so we can see all of your current efforts: