The electronic health record is changing the way health care is delivered to you.

An integrated electronic health record ensures that all members of your health care team, from your family doctor to your pharmacist and emergency room physician, have  access to your medical information digitally, providing them with a complete picture of your health.

Your feedback will help us understand what people think about digital health in our region.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Your responses are confidential and completion of this survey will not result in any future emails or correspondence.

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* 1. Based on your knowledge of digital health or the electronic health record in Ontario, please indicate your response for each statement. <Select one only>

  Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree
Having an integrated electronic health record can improve my personal health.
Electronic health records will improve my experience as a patient.
Knowing that my electronic health record is accessible by my health care team wherever I am provides better health outcomes.
Electronic health records will improve the delivery of health care.
Electronic health records are essential to reduce medication errors and unnecessary tests.
Electronic health records are safe and secure.
Electronic health records are only accessible by my designated health care team.
It's important to invest in electronic health records to make health care more accessible to everyone.
Improving the availability of electronic health records across Ontario should be a priority.

* 2. Please indicate if you feel the following statements are true or false.

  True False
Electronic health records are accessible.
Electronic health records are safe.
Electronic health records are secure.
Electronic health records are private.
Electronic health records are efficient.

* 3. Please indicate if you feel the following scenarios about electronic health records are true or false:

  True False
If I'm admitted to the emergency room and unable to communicate, an electronic health record allows the health care team to access my full medical history.
Electronic health records only provide access to my prescriptions.
If my health records are electronic, then anyone who works in a hospital or my doctor's office can view them.
Electronic health records are more secure than paper records.
There is no way I can view my electronic health care record.
Electronic health records have been implemented throughout the region.
Increased access to electronic health records provides better value to taxpayers.
Implementing an electronic health care system costs too much.

* 4. Is there an area of health care that you are sensitive about including in your electronic health record?

* 5. Demographics

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* 6. Gender identity

* 7. Region

* 8. Are you a health care professional?

* 9. Level of Education