In anticipation of Native American Heritage Month in November, we want to celebrate your successes by sharing your stories! We are looking for American Indian and Alaska Native people of all ages who have experienced success for obtaining, reaching, or actively working towards their goals.

Have you or someone you know recently graduated from high school or college with a high GPA, or scholarship? Started a new job, or course of study? Or you have done something that deserves recognition? It does not matter how big or small your successes are, they all make a difference and help to inspire others.

Share your story!
We want to share your stories of hope and celebrate the strides being made by people of all ages during Native American Heritage Month. Stories will be shared on our social media platforms, and will be compiled on our website throughout the month.

What should my story include?
As a general guide, a good story of success might include:
 - Inspiration: what made you want to accomplish this goal?
 - How did you get started? Did anyone help along the way?
 - What challenges did you face? Did you ever think you wouldn't be able to do it?
 - Now that you have reached this goal, do you see yourself differently? What do you want to do next?

Responses can be completely anonymous, or you will have an option to share your email address with us if you are interested in participating in a panel or to be interviewed as a part of our Heritage Month events, but this is not required. 

Questions and submissions can also be sent to
Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others! 

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