Activate: Private Vision Board Coaching with April Dodd

Are you ready to give yourself the kind of expert attention and focus your vision board dreams deserve? Anyone who works with April to do something meaningful and transformative has to make it a 100% yes inside themselves before investing time, energy, attention, heart, and money. This ensures it's a fit for you at this time, as well as for April. Apply here by answering these questions. 

* 1. Let's start with your Name, Phone, & Email

* 2. Why are you specifically looking to work privately with April in her Activate: Private Vision Board Coaching? Let's make sure this is a good fit for you at this time.

* 3. What benefits are you looking to get?

* 4. How do you think this program will help get you there?

* 5. Can you think of anything that is going to stand in the way of you achieving this dream?

* 6. How important is this dream to you? i.e. What's so important about this dream?

* 7. What’s going to happen if you do not achieve this dream?

* 8. Typically if people could do it on their own they would have done it already. What has you believe that after all this time of not having your dream yet fulfilled, you're finally ready for honing in with April on your dream now?

* 9. Anyone who is working with April and going to do something meaningful has to make it a 'no matter what'. They have to be in it to win it. It has to be a non-negotiable, that you’re going to do it no matter what. That you’re going to do it because your life depends on it, because it does.
You’re TRUE life really does. Existing and mediocrity doesn’t. You can keep existing. You’ll still find a way to get fed.
Now, you living your life, and you bringing your message out into the world, or you living your dreams out into the world in a way that people can see you and feel you by how you’re living your dream… is this a 'no matter what'? This is what I'm looking for in my clients, because they will only get the results if there is this big yes! 100%, no matter what. Because let me tell you something, as we work on this dream, this relationship, this goal or experience you're seeking, other winds will blow, and if you have it in you to be so easily knocked over, I want to invite you to not put your money into this area at this time. Tell me your thoughts on this.

* 10. The Vision Board Activation Sessions include three private sessions, Pre-Session Survey, Full Vision Board Review & Feedback, a customized plan of action, fun sheets to access the essential inner cooperation, personalized accountability structures, and access to me throughout our time together. This package is $575 and must be completed by May 28, 2018. What is your financial commitment to this program? (Note: You are not being billed right now. If you've been accepted into the Activate: Private Vision Board Coaching with April, an approval email along with a Paypal invoice will be sent to you shortly. Let's first make sure this is a fit for you at this time.)