1. Welcome

Dear colleague,

Thank you for participating in this survey on the histopathological assessment of distal pancreatectomy specimens for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. The goal of this survey is to understand differences in assessment approaches in order to create protocols and identify further research possibilities. 

We would highly appreciate your opinion on the items and questions in this survey. The survey takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete. We will analyse all results and aim to present these in a scientific publication.

Any comments or questions can be sent to Boris Janssen (b.v.janssen@amsterdamumc.nl).


Boris Janssen (coordinator)
Rushda Rajak, Sanne Lof, Maarten Korrel

on behalf of the steering committee

Adrian Bateman, Arantza Farina-Sarasqueta, Caroline Verbeke, Volkan Adsay, Björn Edwin, Claudio Luchini, Ivana Cataldo, Diane Bianchi, Joanne Verheij, Mo Abu Hilal and Marc Besselink

on behalf of the DIPLOMA study group, and the international study group of pancreatic pathologists (ISGPP).