Thank you for completing this survey. The USD #366 Facilities Planning Steering Committee would like to find out what our school district patrons might think about what it may take to upgrade our school buildings.

* 1. I am a registered voter in the Woodson USD #366 school district.

* 2. I have listened to a presentation about our school district challenges from Mr. Brown and/or a  facilities planning steering committee member.

* 3. I currently have children in the USD #366 school district

* 4. My children attend school in the following buildings (Mark all that apply)

* 5. How familiar are you with the following facility issues?

  Not Familiar Slightly Familiar Familiar Very Familiar
Plumbing within the buildings
Plumbing between the building and the meters
Leaking roofs
Building masonry needs
Heating and air-conditioning
Phone system
Video surveillance
PK-8 gym acoustics
Track repair/renovation
Computers and other instructional technology

* 6. I would like to host a community event where Mr. Brown and/or members of the facilities steering committee would share detailed information about what the district facility needs are?

* 7. Please mark your response to the following statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
I believe building upgrades completed today should serve our students well for the next 30 years
If my property taxes are going to increase with a bond issue, I believe more money should be spent on building new facilities rather than fixing current buildings
I will vote "Yes" for a bond issue to "fix" the buildings we currently have even if the "fixes" were not noticeable
I would vote "Yes" for a bond issue that removes most of the K-8 school building to replace it with a new facility, even if the bond would be twice the cost of simply fixing what we have
I believe a significant portion of a school bond project should be awarded to local contractors with the equipment and expertise
I will vote "No" for any bond issue because I do not believe I can afford any increase in property taxes
I believe moving the 7th and 8th graders into the high school facility is a good idea if it means we can "Fix" our building more efficiently

* 8. Feel free to express your thoughts about addressing the facility needs for our district. We appreciate hearing from you.

* 9. If you would like Mr. Brown to contact you to visit further about meeting the facility needs of our district, please share your name, phone number, or email.