Career & Technical Education Student Survey

Please select the best answer for questions 1 & 2. Answer questions 3-8 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest in terms of satisfaction or agreement. 

* 1. My current grade classification is

* 2. I am familiar with the Endorsement and Program of Study I am currently following

* 3. The training provided in the course and program has helped me learn skills I will be able to use later in the advanced courses next year

* 4. My instructor was continually passionate about the course and program throughout the year

* 5. The course and program was interesting from the start of the year until now

* 6. Opportunities were available for me to participate in a club/organization related to the course I am currently enrolled in 

* 7. I plan to continue with this program of study and Endorsement next year

* 8. I will recommend this course and program to me family and friends