Are you preparing to take a new exciting step on your business' zero waste journey? Are you lying awake at night contemplating the meaning of "reduce, reuse, recycle" for your business? Are you curious about "designing out waste"?

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Who's it for?
In Love Zero Waste's business audit episodes, we'll guide entrepreneurs, designers, CSR managers, freelancers, and other business representatives through a zero waste business development audit. The participation is open to businesses at all stages of working with zero waste and circular economy. 

How is it good for my business?
Through the zero waste audit, you'll answer key questions and find clues on how to solve some of the most pressing zero waste and circularity challenges. The audit will help you develop your company's products and services, find new perspectives and create solutions to real problems.

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Of course, you are! The conversation will be casual, fun and educational.

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