The Date

OK, folks, let's choose a date for this retreat.

* 1. Each one of these answers covers a Wednesday to the following Tuesday. Please choose ALL answers that work for you, even if it is only for part of the time. It is most likely that the retreat will actually only be for 2 to 4 nights.

* 2. That's a lot of date choices. From the ones you are available for in question #1, please rank your top 3.

  1st choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
July 21-26
July 27-Aug. 2
Aug. 3-Aug. 9
Aug. 10-Aug. 16
Aug. 17-Aug. 23
Aug. 24-Aug. 30
Aug. 31-Sept. 6
Sept. 28-Oct. 4
Oct. 5-Oct. 11
Oct. 12-Oct. 18
Oct. 19-Oct. 25

* 3. Do you have anything to add about when you are available? Did I leave your best date off of the list? Let me know.

* 4. Who are you? I have to know who is answering for planning purposes.

* 5. Narrowing down our location, I've included the top 4 answers from the previous survey, in order of "winning". Please choose again, and you can choose as many as you are interested in.

* 6. Narrowing down the location just a bit. From the top 4 answers (listed in order of preference), please choose the locations you are interested. Can choose as many as you want.

* 7. Rank your location choices, please.

  #1 #2 #3 #4
Ashville, NC
Southern Beach
NY lake
Near Fen

* 8. That's it. While this is primarily to choose the date, the location is also important. Feel free to comment here about either of those 2 topics.