NYBC and NYBPA invite you to participate in the NY Beef Corp Program

Protecting the image of the beef industry is a priority for NYBC and NYBPA. The purpose of the Beef Corp is to equip and empower producers to tell their story by providing them with resources, education and tools that they need to communicate with consumers confidently via multiple platforms. 

Beef Corps participants will be selected based on their established leadership in our industry and will become a first line of defense to proactively and authentically improve the image of the beef industry. Participants may be called upon to host farm tours, do local media interviews, and respond to misinformation online or in print.

A draft agenda of the program is available at http://www.nybeef.org/beefcorp2017agenda.aspx 

* 1. What is your name? 

* 2. Who are you nominating?

* 3. Nominees farm name?

* 4. Nominees email and/or phone number?

* 5. Which NYBPA Region do you/they represent?

* 6. Why do you feel you/they would be a good fit for the Beef Corp program?

* 7. What are you hoping the major benefits of participating in the Beef Corp program are for yourself/your nominee?