1. Overall Evaluation

Select the number that best describes the statements below:
1=Strongly Agree
4=Strongly Disagree

* 1. I have a better understanding of the specialty of family medicine.

* 2. I developed skills at organizing history, physical and diagnostic tests in reaching an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

* 3. I developed a basic knowledge of common illnesses seen in the family physician’s office.

* 4. I improved my doctor-patient communication skills during this clerkship.

* 5. I developed an understanding of what qualities a good consultant should have.

* 6. The patient presentation exercise at end of rotation was beneficial.

* 7. The Clinical Skills exercise at end of rotation was a learning experience.

* 8. I developed a basic understanding of medical economics (managed care, cost of care, physician reimbursement)

* 9. I was able to gain knowledge of the importance of community resources to private practice.