Food Not Jails is a volunteer run group dedicated to supporting local rural economies by the preservation of small dairy farms instead of building and maintaining jails. They will be offering both dairy weekly shares and a monthly a la carte ordering.  The dairy will be organic, low temperature pasteurized and non-homogenized.

* 1. Please indicate which milk/yogurt shares you would be interested in purchasing. The shares run for 26 weeks.

Partners Trace Farm is an organic farm located in New Paltz, NY.  They are offering flower shares and pickles made from their own produce.
The pickle varieties include (but are not limited to) beets with allspice; dill pickles; pickles with orange, pink peppercorns and chili; pickles with ginger and tarragon; dill carrots; dilly beans; carrots with ginger and cinnamon; pickled okra and artichoke hearts.

* 2. Please indicate if you would be interested in purchasing either of these shares from Partners Trace Farms?

Wholeshare is retailer based in Ithaca NY specializing in bulk and local foods.  The goal is to save money by buying cases of grocery staples and splitting them with others.  Wholeshare handles the financial end of things (i.e. charging you 1/6 of the cost of a six pack of peanut butter) but the physical
splitting takes place at pick-up (i.e. opening the six pack and taking the one jar of peanut butter).

* 3. Would you be interested in a monthly a la carte order from Wholeshare?

* 4. Do you have suggestions for additional special products that you would like to see? Or any additional comments/questions?